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11/23/2015 07:24:00 pm

Hey how are you guys doing? long time no blog.

It's been awhile since I've updated on here, mainly because I've been trying to get my priorities balanced- through uni work, social life, me-time and the amount of stress I'm kinda going through.

It's been 3 months or so since I last posted and I felt the need to just get my emotionssss, feelings and thoughts out. 2nd year hasn't actually been bad. I've quite enjoyed it. Initially I've kinda perceived things as a whole new level, however gradually I've felt that it would go smooth as long as I put my mind to it. 

I don't think there wasn't a day where I didn't think about work. Even when there was a day where I barely did any work, I'd think about how I'd process my development of ideas in the showers, walking from one place to another etcetc. It's crazy how much Architecture changed my life. I think I've become a workaholic. Judging my own character of over- unnecessary stress from first year, I definitely feel the passion flourished this year. 

Aside from this, there's been things popping up in my mind here and there. I wished that I wouldn't overthink so much when I've got other important things going on. It really stops me from being productive. But you know. I'm human. I consider myself the very emotional + sensitive type. 

Today I encountered an opportunity that happened to my friend, however not me. Being the over-stressful character as I am, I felt kind-of upset that this opportunity didn't happen to me. Of course, I was very very happy for my friend about their opportunity, however inside I evaluate myself. entirely. I didn't want to compare myself to them. But it's just this feeling you get where you don't feel good enough. I know I shouldn't drown myself with these thoughts, more of like some self-esteem boost that you need when you talk to people about these things.  I can just imagine how ecstatic I'd be if I were to be in their position- wouldn't mind running the extra mile.

I know that there will still be opportunities out there soon.  It's just not now.

Stay positiveeeee LAURENNNNNNN :) 

Maybe it's not necessary to wait for the miracle to happen to me, I just need to not expect it. 

photo taken by my mother in Japan, Osaka ^_^

Thank you for popping by my blog <3 



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  1. Beautiful picture:)
    Have a lovely week!:)

  2. keep being positive girly! Everything will get better ;)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I understand that feeling of wanting so badly what someone else was able to obtain. But I feel that the universe works in mysterious ways. If she was able to pick up that opportunity and not you, then it wasn't meant to be. Something better will come along your way :)

    I really love your little blog, by the way! I'm officially subscribed, and I can't wait to see more posts from you soon!

    A Northern Light

  4. Hope all is well, love! Keep your chin up. Your hard work will pay off soon!


    Looks by Lau

  5. Hwaiting Unnie! Many opportunities will come your way, don't worry ♥♥

    x Mish's Diary

  6. I can understand you being upset about your friend getting to do something you don't, but as you said, I'm sure there will be something great coming for you soon enough <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. Stay positive Lauren! Uni-life can be very stressful, but what I like to do is take advantage of any destressing event (like Therapy Fluffies where I play with dogs) and remember to take days off to have me-time. I hope things work out for you ♥


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