About Me

Hi there!

I'm Lauren from Cambridge, UK. 

Welcome to my blog, thank you for dropping by! 

Here is my little paradise that I like to come occasionally to write about my love for fashion, beauty, art/photography, my life and any general things. I've began to grow love in writing regularly on here as I feel like it's sharing an insight of my journey through captured moments, but also a little way for me to communicate with you guys! 

I am currently studying Architecture at University in the UK. As a student, majority of the times, I have to maintain a very tight budget, therefore I want to prove that you can still style with very affordable fashion and beauty items! 

My life can be quite hectic due to the busy schedule- meaning that I'd have less time to do fun things. This little blog of mine is a great stress reliever for me that I can express my personality within, and I hope you enjoy reading it ^_^ 

I blog about anything from outfit of the day, reviews, makeup looks, fashion items, personal issues, food and many more!! 

Contact Me for any cases- eg. reviews, sponsors


Your comments means alot to me, most of the time it makes my day ^_^ 
Thank you for your support ! 

Much Love,




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